Kehidupan Tidak Pernah Berakhir–Vegetarian Restaurant

Have you ever eat food which is only contains vegetables without any meat? If you haven’t, you must try it! In bandung, there is a vegetarian restaurant called “Kehidupan Tidak Pernah Berakhir” which mean life never ends. Maybe the owner gave that name because one of the benefit become a vegan is prevent climate changes. Don’t worry about the price, because it is very cheap! Less than one USD for a portion!

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Going to Ciater Hot Spring

Today i want to share my experience going to ciater. Because this post is about traveling, i have to make this post in english. By making this post in english, i hope most of people in the world can understand this, in conclusion i want to promote my country tourism!

Okay let’s continue my story. On 14th of April in 2017 my friends and i went to ciater on that day. It was a crazy plan, because we went there at 2:30 AM and many of us haven’t gone to sleep yet except me hahaha.

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