Going to Ciater Hot Spring

Today i want to share my experience going to ciater. Because this post is about traveling, i have to make this post in english. By making this post in english, i hope most of people in the world can understand this, in conclusion i want to promote my country tourism!

Okay let’s continue my story. On 14th of April in 2017 my friends and i went to ciater on that day. It was a crazy plan, because we went there at 2:30 AM and many of us haven’t gone to sleep yet except me hahaha.

Ciater Hot Spring is located in Subang Regency—not far from lembang. It’s not in remote are, so don’t worry about it.  But if you are planning to go there by public transportation i don’t know how to do it. Yeah, this is one of the disadvantages of Indonesia Tourism, lack of public transportation. Thus, i recommend you to rent a car or motorcycle.

In my opinion, this kind of place is rare in Indonesia then you have to try it. You can check addtional information about Ciater Hot Spring in here.

We arrived at 4:00 AM.  I thought we were too early to be there, because the sun hasn’t shown up yet. It turned out that there were many people had been there when we arrived.  Then we went to the ticket counter. When we was walking to there, suddenly a security called us. He offered us a special ticket price, it was only 50 thousand rupiah and you can go to the main pool—about 4 US dollars. For your information, the original price is about 70 thousand rupiah. In accurate, if you want to enter the Ciater Hot Spring area, you have to pay arround 35 thousand rupiah first, but you can’t go into the main pool. If you want to go there you have to pay another ticket, so the total price is arround 70 thousand rupiah.  We was lucky at that time 🙂

The main pool looks like an ordinary swimming pool. What makes it different are there are many steam come up from the pool and the water is warm.

The most important tips when you are in hot spring area, never try to immerse your entire body directly! You will be suffering from the heat.  Immerse yourself bit by bit, you can try to immerse your legs first, when you already feel comfortable you can continue to immerse another part of yout body.

There are many articles telling the benefit of bathing in hot spring but i don’t know neither is true or not. But from my experience, i feel so peaceful while bathing in hot spring. It is inexpressible in words, you have to try it !

Note : the featured picture is not taken at Ciater Hot Spring. It is in punclut—puncak ciumbuleuit.



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